Corfu Volunteer Fire Department
Volunteers Needed! Stop down during our Monday night trainings between 6:30pm - 8:00pm to learn about becoming a member!

Department History

The Corfu Fire Department was formed in 1868 after the Village of Corfu was incorporated. A Hook & Ladder Cart was bought in 1870. The Corfu Rescue Hook & Ladder Co. No.1 was incorporated in 1882.

After a scare that nearly burned a large portion of the downtown in 1897, a used hand engine was purchased from the Village of Akron. One of Corfu's worst fires occurred in April 1899 when a block of downtown was destroyed including six buildings. A second large fire burned out a third of the downtown in July 1912. This included the firemen's rooms.

After purchasing a hand chemical engine sometime after the fire of 1912, a motorized chemical engine was bought in 1921. The Fire Department participated in a huge celebration in Batavia commemorating the end of World War I in 1919. R. Albert Kinne served as chief for sixteen years until 1929.

The old Village Hall was demolished in 1924 so a new Village Hall could be built. The Fire Department moved into the hall in March 1925. In 1937, an old one-room schoolhouse was moved next door to the Village Hall and became home to the Fire Department. A siren was erected on the Village Hall in 1926.

A water system was installed in Corfu in 1928. A 1913 Thomas Motor Co. Chemical/Hose Engine was purchased the same year. In spite of the Great Depression, the village purchased a new 1930 Dodge for the Thomas chemical body and a used Packard for the 1921 body. Other fire equipment was also purchased at this time. This time period included many social functions. Minstrel shows at the Village Hall and functions at the Firemen's Clubrooms were the high points of life in Corfu. Ovis S. Kenyon was very active and was fire chief from 1930 until 1944. The first major train derailment occurred in 1936 with other derailments in 1944, 1965, 1977 and 1994.

World War II brought about changes to the Corfu Fire Department. In 1941, a 1935 International chassis was purchased for the 1921 chemical engine body. Civil Defense supplies were utilized during the war. A fire protection district outside the village was finally formed in 1944. A need for pumping apparatus led to the International being outfitted with a pumper body and pump in 1945. As a new pumper was too expensive, the 1930 Dodge
was outfitted locally with a front mount pump and water tank. The Ladies Auxiliary was started in June 1945 and a Rescue Squad started in 1946. The highlight of 1946 was a huge parade on the 4th of July commemorating the end of World War II.

The Fire Department and village upgraded their apparatus by purchasing a new Chevy chassis and installing the pumper body from the International and a new front mount pump in 1947. The Fire Department purchased a used Chevy chassis and built a 1000-gallon water tank in 1949. This was about the same time that Genesee County was forming the Mutual Aid System.

The 1950’s continued to bring more changes as the village would replace the Dodge pumper and the Chevy tanker with the first factory built pumper, a 1952 International. The village sold the Village Hall in 1951, facilitating a move to quarters in the basement of the I.O.O.F. Hall.

The Fire Department raised money through dinners and raffles to purchase an emergency truck in 1958. Several large fires were fought including the Central Hotel in downtown Corfu in 1956 and the Corner Store in 1960. The 1947 Chevy was replaced with a new pumper in 1964. Clifford A. Fauth served as chief for nine years during these two decades.

The true meaning of volunteering occurred in the 1970’s when the Fire Department voted to build a new fire hall and community center, as the village couldn't afford the project. Fundraisers including chicken bar-b-ques were held to help pay for the building. The Deagman property on the eastend of the village was purchased in 1972. The building was erected in 1974 with the firemen finishing the interior of the building the following year. Clifford A. Fauth was instrumental at getting this project done and following his death in 1998, the building was rededicated in his memory.

Numerous arson fires plagued the area in the 1970’s including two lumberyard fires, the printing press office, and the old Fire Hall fires. Roger Kimmel served as chief for 10 years during this time. During the Blizzard of 1977, Corfu sheltered hundreds of people at the Fire Hall. Many fundraisers were held throughout the next three decades.

The village bought new engines in 1975 and 1988. The Fire Department purchased emergency trucks in 1978 and 1993 with funds raised from bingo. An addition was built on the rear of the building in 1990. The village relinquished management of the Fire Department to the Corfu Fire District in 1996. A district purchased 1998 pumper tanker replaced the 1964 and 1975 engines.

Since the new millenium there has been many changes. The district has secured three FEMA grants for equipment. A 2002 rescue truck replaced the 1978 and 1993 emergency trucks. A 2009 Rescue Engine has replaced the 1988 Engine. The Fire Dept. sold their building to the Town of Pembroke in 2004. However, the Fire Dept. is still located there. The Town and village have court offices and the community center in the building. This decade, there have been many types of incidents including fire, accidents, storms and even a tornado where the Fire Dept. has helped the community. Throughout its history, the Corfu Rescue Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1 has been dedicated to protecting the Corfu area and its residents.