Corfu Volunteer Fire Department
Volunteers Needed! Stop down during our Monday night trainings between 6:30pm - 8:00pm to learn about becoming a member!

Become a Member

We always welcome new members and individuals who are interested in learning how to join the volunteer fire service. Our organization is entirely run by volunteers and volunteers are the livelihood of our organization. Depending on your area of interest or prior experience, there are numerous roles that you can perform while volunteering for your community. If you are interested in joining the Corfu Volunteer Fire Department please download an application below! You can either mail your application or stop by the fire hall Monday nights between 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm during our training nights.

Download an application here.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) / Certified First Responder (CFR)

Minimum Age 18

Members will be assigned to Emergency Medical Services duties and will be required to lift, carry and transport persons in ambulances and otherwise provide efficient and immediate care to the ill or injured at the scene of an incident and during transport. EMS members work closely with Fire/ Rescue units and may be exposed to many of the same conditions as fire fighters, but will not be permitted to engage in fire suppression or other technical rescue activities.

All EMTs are required to become NYS EMT Basic Certified



Minimum Age 18

Non Interior Rated Firefighter:

Perform exterior fire ground support with no interior structural firefighting. Assist at the scene of a incident in various essential firefighting functions such as hydrant hookup, ladder placement, traffic and crowd control, etc.

Interior Rated Firefighter

Perform interior structural firefighting. Perform all aspects of firefighting and emergency services with completion of basic firefighter training (Basic Exterior Firefighter Operations / Basic Interior Firefighter Operations or Firefighter 1 course)

Requires special training, use of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA).


Fire Police

Minimum Age 18

Fire Police assist regular police when needed, performing road closures, traffic control, crowd control at public events, and other tasks as requested. The primary role of the Fire Police is to provide support for operational requirements at moderate to major incidents.The requirements for fire police are to take a Fire Police Course.


House Member

House Members are able to assist at annual fundraisers, such as the boot drives, parades, chicken barbecues and other events. House members also attend monthly meetings.


Junior Firefighter

Ages 16 - 18

Junior Firefighters are members of the fire department who are younger than 18 years old. Junior members may pursue Fire/Rescue or EMS training and may be eligible to participate in the various fire/rescue and emergency services duties at the discretion of the Fire and Rescue Chief. Parental permission is required to pursue this category of membership and certain restrictions apply.